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How to activate your Security Token App

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First you will need to download the Symantec VIP Access Security Token App to your mobile device

Click to download the Symantec VIP Access App from the App Store

Click to download the Symantec VIP Access App on Google Play

Once you have downloaded the VIP Access app, please contact Macquarie Credit Union to request Token Security on your account. Call 1300 885 480 or email

Once issued, you will need to follow the steps below to Activate Token Security on your account. For an easier experience, we recommend using a computer for the following activation process (if possible). 


Steps to Activate Token Security

Step 1: Please visit our full website and log into Internet Banking as normal with your Member Number, Access Code and Text Image Test

Step 2: You will then be given the option to Activate your token or Activate Later. We encourage you to activate your token the first time you log on. Click the Activate button to proceed.


(Note: If the activation period has expired, you must activate the Security Token to access your Macquarie Credit Union account. In this instance the Activate Later button will be replaced by a Logout button.)

After clicking the Activate button, the Activate Your Security Token page will open.  



Step 3: Open your VIP Access Security Token App on your mobile device. 

Step 4: Enter the Credential ID (including SYMC) from your VIP Access App in the box available for Security Token ID

Step 5: Enter the six digit Security Code number from your app into the box available for Enter One Time Password

Step 6: Wait for the Security Code (just entered) to update to a new one on your app. This will occur automatically every 30 seconds. 

Step 7: Enter the next consecutive six digit Security Code from your app into the box available for Enter second One Time Password

Step 8: Click the Activate button. 

Step 9: Log out of Internet Banking to initiate the process. 

Step 10: Please notify Macquarie Credit Union that you have successfully activated your token on 1300 885 480 or via email to

Once your Security Token is activated, Macquarie Credit Union can increase your Internet Banking daily limit to your nominated amount, up to $5,000 (if required) and remove the need for you to enter the Text Image Test and Date of Birth when using Internet Banking.

Please note: The Text Image Test will still appear on the login page for Internet Banking but once removed by Macquarie Credit Union you will be able to skip this step and login without completing it.





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