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Phone Banking FAQs

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What number do I call to access Phone Banking?

The number for Phone Banking is 1300 885 480 (+61 2 6884 8172 if calling from outside Australia). You will be taken step by step through each action.

How do I use Phone Banking?

  • Call the phone number (as above)
  • You will be taken step by step through each option. All options can be repeated if necessary
  • Enter your member number then press #
  • Enter your Access Code, then press #
  • Listen to your account balances

What options are available in Phone Banking?

  • Savings account balances
  • Last 5 transactions on your savings account
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Loan account and Term Deposit balances
  • BPAY®
  • Access another membership

Further options:

  • Change Access Code
  • Interest earned in last Financial Year
  • Cheque transactions


What happens if I forget my access code?


You must notify the Credit Union that your access code is not working or you have forgotten your access code. We will issue you a new access code after we have performed the appropriate identity checks. You will be required to change this code the next time you use Phone Banking. We'll get back to you once we have your request - it's that easy!

Register for Phone Banking?

Registering for telephone banking is easy


Please contact us if you have any questions

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