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SMS One Time Passwords

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SMS One Time Passwords are an additional layer of security for your Internet Banking.

SMS One Time Passwords are single use security codes that are sent directly to your mobile phone number on record with Macquarie Credit Union.

Once enabled SMS One Time Password helps to secure your account by blocking unverified use of your Internet Banking.

There are many benefits to protecting your account with SMS One Time Password Security:

  • Strong authentication
  • Save time when online banking. One time passwords only need to be entered once per active session. Eliminating repeated member number and password requests.
  • Access to online PIN Change. This new feature is protected by one time password security.
  • Ability to set a higher Internet Banking daily limit of up to $5,000 if required.

For SMS OTP to work, it is very important that your mobile number on record with Macquarie Credit Union is current at all times.



How to register for SMS OTP

  • 1. Sign in to Internet Banking. 

  • 2. Select Services & Help.


  • 3. Select Setup Security Options.



  • 4. Select Request (Under SMS One Time Passwords).



  • 5. Check your Mobile Number is correct.


  • 6. If your Mobile Number is not correct click on Contact Details to review and Update.


  • 7. Once you are happy that your mobile number is correct. Click on the Request button.


  • 8. Enter your Access Code then click OK.

  • 9. Click Finish.


  • 10. You must Logout of Internet Banking for the changes to take effect.