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VIP Token security FAQs

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What is a one time password?

A one time password is a six digit number generated through a security token device or a smartphone ‘app’ authorising access to internet banking.

What is a security VIP Token?

A security token is a small electronic device or smartphone app that generates a one time password, which needs to be entered when you log into internet banking.

Who can request a security VIP Token?

All members who are registered for internet banking can request a security VIP Token. However, you must register for a VIP Token if you chose to exceed your daily internet banking limit of $1000 per day.

Will a security token work on my computer?

Yes. A security VIP Token works with any operating system and will not require any additional equipment or software.

Do I have to use a security token?

A One Time Password is compulsory for members who request a daily external transfer limit over $1000. This One Time Password can be generated via VIP Access for Mobile or VIP Token device. However, we recommend all members take advantage of this extra layer of security.

How do I request and activate a security VIP Token?

There are two options for security VIP tokens: Security device OR VIP Access for Mobile.

To request a VIP security device, please log on to Internet Banking on Go to the ‘Other’ menu, then select ‘Security Options’ and follow the instructions. Allow 10 working days for delivery. The next time you log into internet banking you will be prompted to activate your security token.

To request a VIP Access for Mobile, please download the “VIP Access for Mobile” app from the Apple or Android App store. Then, call our office during business hours to enable your account with a VIP token for smart mobile phones.

Do I have to use my security token every time I log into internet banking?

Yes. A one time password from a security VIP Token will be required every time you log into internet banking after activation.

What if I enter an incorrect one time password?

Using a VIP security device, wait 30 seconds and press the grey button again to generate a new one time password. If you are using VIP Access for Mobile token, a new password code will be generated every 30 seconds. You will have 10 tries to input the correct code. After 10 tries, the system will be locked and you will need to contact our office to reset your account.

How much does a security token cost?

The first VIP Token security device will be issued at no cost to members. However, a replacement token will cost $25.00. We do not charge for a VIP Access for mobile token. However, there may be a fee to download the App from Apple or an Android store.

What should I do if my security device token is lost, damaged or stolen?

Contact us during business hours on 1300 885 480. A replacement token will cost $25.00.

Can I use my security Token anywhere?

A security Token can be used wherever you can log into internet banking. This includes overseas and in remote areas.

Can I use the same security Token on more than one internet banking login number?

Yes. You simply need to register the same Token ID for each Internet Banking account.

Can I reuse the same One Time Password next time I log into Internet Banking?

No, as the name suggests the password is valid for one time only.