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Sponsorship/Community Support Request Guidelines

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Macquarie Credit Union has a proud tradition of supporting our Bond Partners and the Community in their charitable events through sponsorship, donations and other support.

Macquarie Credit Union receives many requests for support so in order to make it easier to understand the process and application requirements, the following guidelines and eligibility criteria are provided.

The Credit Union will only be accepting requests during "The Call For Application Period". This will be from 1st December 2015 to 31 March 2016.

Support Philosophy:

Macquarie Credit Union is committed to actively supporting the Community within the Central West especially the Dubbo Local Government Area (LGA) and our Bond partners. Macquarie Credit Union encourages initiatives where the charity or group has an association with the Credit Union, although this is not a pre-requisite.

The event, activity or request for support will be:

  • consistent with Macquarie Credit Union’s values and goals
  • support environmentally friendly and sustainable practices
  • be able to show a difference to those in the community as a result of the support

The event, activity or request for support will NOT be:

  • for activities such as using hazardous materials, undertaking dangerous pursuits  or gambling
  • for a contribution to operating or administrative costs
  • considered a conflict of interest with Macquarie Credit Union, its staff or its Bond partners
  • for the promotion of religious beliefs or political persuasion     

Sponsorship Support Area:

In order to be considered for funding, requests must fall into one of the following areas:

Sport & Leisure 

Sport is an integral part of a community and Macquarie Credit Union has been a supporter of sporting events throughout the region. Additionally, initiatives that support health and wellbeing are also areas that benefit the community.

Arts & Cultural

Arts and cultural initiatives contribute unique value that should be embraced and encouraged to flourish. Macquarie Credit Union will consider providing support to assist in the development of these valuable assets to the region.


As a local community owned and focused business, Macquarie Credit Union supports environmentally sustainable initiatives that help build a greener environment.


Macquarie Credit Union is happy to be involved with groups that support the medical community and has been a supporter of staff at the Dubbo Base Hospital for many years.


As a community minded organisation, Macquarie Credit Union plays an active role in the support of local education initiatives that help develop our future generations.


Charities & Welfare Groups

Contributions made to the efforts of charities and their volunteers give back to the community and to those less fortunate. Macquarie Credit Union is proud to support these groups.


The application must be in line with Macquarie Credit Union’s positioning in the community

  • Recipient of funding must be supporting the Dubbo Local Government Area or one of our Bond partners
  • The activity must reflect the mission and values of Macquarie Credit Union
  • The support must enhance the profile and awareness of Macquarie Credit Union
  • The support must fill a recognised need, and benefit the community
  •  Preference will be given to activities that are open to the general community and mostly benefit members


These guidelines do not cover every possibility, opportunity or special need. For that reason, all applications are reviewed on an individual basis and some applications may need to be taken to the Board of Directors.


How to Apply

Applications must be submitted on the online Application Form. Alternatively, the Application Form can be downloaded, completed forwarded to: or mailed to the branch at: PO Box 1618 Dubbo NSW 2830

All Applications must be received prior to the deadline for submission.


Application Evaluation Process

All requests will be evaluated on the information that is provided in the application together with any other supporting information provided with the submission. It is important to be very clear regarding the reason for the request, how the funds will be used, and the benefits to Macquarie Credit Union.


Approval and Funding of Support

All applications will receive notification of the outcome of the request.  Funding will take place upon receipt of invoices or other supporting documentation.


Approval of advertising/acknowledgement

All advertising, printed or otherwise, that uses Macquarie Credit Union’s name or logo must have a proof provided for sign off and have the written approval of Macquarie Credit Union.